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Bizyweb - a Rich Internet Web Tool for the Management and Maintenance of Web Sites - Download Now

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San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) August 10, 2007

Using the latest technologies including dynamically defined XML data structures, Bizy, Inc, a California corporation, has released a rich Internet web tool for the management and maintenance of websites requiring only a browser and a connection to the Internet.

The patent-pending approach of the product Bizyweb™ is not to be confused with simple HTML editing. Using a familiar desktop skill, the user can point to an image to designate an editable ‘place’ on a page. Subsequently, the non-technical user can peruse available web folders and select a new image for this ‘place’ even resizing or adding other properties upon insertion. The user may also highlight a text or a group of page objects and create a multi-purpose ‘place’ on a page to insert an entire article. There is a whitepaper on the site called ‘Creating a Page with Bizyweb’ which demonstrates the steps in creation of a new article.

A special widget inserter will add Internet tools like the Google™ calendar to the page with a simple click. Widgets may be preconfigured and placed in a drop-down list for one-click insertion.

Using the ‘place’ approach, only the designated places on the page are editable, thus preserving the look and feel of the page. Bizyweb creates a new category of application called Place Management™.

Defining editable places and changing the content in the places happen asynchronously, so that organizations can assign some users to create ‘places’ and others to add content to the ‘places’. A whitepaper of organizational Use Cases is available for download on the site

In addition to cloning new pages from existing pages, content may be uploaded to available web folders for use later in placement on a page. Clicking on a Word™ document in a web folder will launch Microsoft’s Word™ and allow the user to copy the contents to the clipboard and then paste into a designated ‘place’ on a page.

In the Content Manager, web folder contents may be perused. Thumbnails of images are shown and programs associated with each mime time are launched when clicked.

Publishing is a one-click step, during which the previously active page is saved for archiving purposes. Changes are never made to a live page, but are made to a staged version of the page, which can be previewed until it is ready for publishing.

President, Sheryl Hamlin, says developers can join the Bizyteam™ partner program and be featured on the site. Because Bizyweb requires no changes to an existing web site, developers can easily install Bizyweb and provide the features of the Bizyweb tool immediately for existing clients. Details of the partner program are available at

The single-user version is available now for download at no cost.

For more information, please visit


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