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VoEx International’s CDMA Phone Launched and Ringing on Iraq’s Kalimat Telecom Wireless National WLL Network

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Santa Monica, CA and Baghdad, Iraq (PRWEB) November 7, 2008

VoEx International™, a leading wireless communications and telecom engineering innovation company with multiple integration solutions vendor for wireless fixed, mobile, VoIP and next-generation xG wireless networks, today announced it has launched its next generation G-Mode Fixed Wireless Local Loop Telephony & Data desktop phone terminal. This 3.5G phone will deliver the best quality of service of Voice & Data over Kalimat’s advanced CDMA-WiMAX network serving over 26 million Iraqi citizens and is designed as 4G ready terminal.

The Data speed in both forward and reverse links is 3G CDMA2000 1X and EvDo. Designs & details by teams led by 100% Iraqi Engineers specifically for Iraq and Kalimat market, the phone supports Arabic language, Kurdish language and has double talk time of anything currently offered on the global market. Plus, Stand By time of up to 7 days assures users in an infrastructure challenged market that their phone is always ready. The design is cutting edge and easy to use, backlight for both Keys and large LCD display. Overall, the product will make communication easier and truly ‘Bring Iraq Together.

KALIMAT Telecom is a leading regional telecoms player that handles the voice traffic and data transfer needs of the Iraqi consumer between different regions of the country, ensuring improved high quality call completion rates, prompt bill settlement and increased revenue for its operation. With its innovative, best of breed technology VoEx’s phones, USB modems and terminals will provide Kalimat with the capability to future-proof its existing and potential service offerings. This level of flexibility is vital to remaining a competitive force in Iraq’s fast-growing, billion-dollar telecommunications industry.

With VoEx’s products KALIMAT’s Iraqi consumer will utilize a combined voice carriage and data exchange scheme under one platform with enhanced IP capabilities. This is the first time this class of high quality of service is being offered throughout Iraq to solve the ongoing connectivity challenges facing the Iraqi telecom market and to bring Kalimat’s capabilities to a much higher standard.

“Our continued success in Iraq’s telecoms market is indisputable proof that we are the market leaders in the highly competitive personal telecoms space,” said Wilson Varghese, President of KALIMAT Telecom. “The combined strengths of VoEx’s advanced IP products and network experience capabilities will play a crucial role in supporting KALIMAT Telecom operations as it enters a growing, deregulated telecoms market. By launching VoEx products and solutions, KALIMAT revenue is maximized through this inter-carrier billing activity, which is usually the first or second source of income for fixed and mobile operators, will provide KALIMAT with the additional income it requires to support new services at competitive prices and to thereby remain a significant player in Iraq’s telecoms market.”

“KALIMAT Telecom tops our growing global list of influential partners,” said VoEx Founder, President and Chief Strategy Officer Asaad Yahya Alnajjar. “VoEx’s engineering vision and advanced solutions are coming true and alive in Iraq and will enable KALIMAT to cost-effectively deliver state of the art fixed line, wireless, VoWLAN and next generation services & inter-carrier partners.”

Mr. Alnajjar further added, “With its new wireless VoEx G-Mode telephone, Kalimat has paved a seamless path to move customers up to its 3G wireless network. Unlike the competition phones, VoEx’s terminals are made of only 100% new components and genuine QUALCOMM chip set, Kalimat’s VoEx product offers both superior voice and high speed data communication. We have made a phone that is not only the best quality, but one that is consumer friendly. Our Data interface is all USB and installs with one click to any computer. Today VoEx phone is the only unit in the world that meets and exceeds the Iraqi WLL Phones standards and specifications announced last year by the Ministry of Communications in Iraq. We are delivering today to the Iraqi consumer the best line of genuine products, a quality that our competition failed to deliver.”

Previously during early license competition years, VoEx had advocated and offered in Iraq Hantel and Axesstel™ terminals, however due to the specific needs of the Iraqi market and consumers VoEx promptly responded to Iraq’s market need and shifted to innovate and produce this new breed of terminals that offer high quality, superior design concepts and proprietary specifications tailored under the direction of the Iraqi Ministry of Communications to enhance the quality of life for all the Iraqi people by giving them excellent voice services along with high speed data, internet connectivity and video services to accommodate their every day needs. VoEx today leads the path for requiring all vendors to cease selling substandard products in Iraq.

Mr. Alnajjar & VoEx International™ Team has been very active in the research and development of wireless communications and information technology over the past ten years. His work has included extensive research in WLL networks, WiMAX development, multilingual Internet and .IQ management, e164/ eNum registries and DNS resolution, IP based products and applications, and the evolution of communications standards and policies.

For the past several Iraqi conferences, Mr. Alnajjar chaired and presented VoEx’s vision and outlook for Iraq’s telecom future and touched on the advanced data capabilities that CDMA & WiMAX will serve the community in a short time.

VoEx so far has been leading efforts in many third world countries in engineering support to design, build, operate and then transfer wireless communications centers and wireless networks. For the past five years VoEx has been very active in the design-build of several telecom projects in Iraq and had provided extended services to the many companies working in Iraq.

About VoEx International (TM):

VoEx International LLC (TM) is a leading provider of high-quality wireless communications and technology solutions that enable enterprises and service providers around the world to utilize VoIP, VoWLAN, GSM, CDMA, iDen and additional advanced telecom and wireless technologies for voice, fax, data, video and other value-added IP applications.

By outsourcing international communications services to VoEx, customers are able to obtain lower costs, generate new revenue streams, and extend their business into innovative services quickly, while maintaining service quality comparable to that of traditional voice networks. Since the liberation of Iraq, VoEx International™ has played a major role in providing communications channels to the many in Iraq and participated in the ongoing rebuilding effort.

VoEx Wireless™ is the mobile division of VoEx International LLC (TM) to serve the expansion and upgrades of Mobile-Data Networks in USA, Europe, the Middle East & Africa and later expanded to include Iraqi mobile market to facilitate Satellite & GSM operations support. Long-distance & Wireless VoIP capability through VoEx termination solutions has in fact enhanced mobile operators business in the Middle East & Europe.

VoEx International LLC™ has been very active in the research and development of wireless communications and information technology over the past ten years. Research and work has included extensive research in WLL networks, WiMAX development, multilingual Internet and e164, multilingual eNum registries and DNS resolution, IP based products and applications, and the evolution of communications standards and policies. (TM)

VoEx G-Mode Terminal Advantages:

1. 4-Line Full Graphic LCD & Large Screen (FSTN 128×64 Pixels)

2. Blue Color LCD Backlight

3. Support USB interface one Click USB & Data Install program.

4. Support English and Arabic Language

5. 153 kbps on the forward and reverse data rate

6. Li-ion 2000mA Battery: 50% more talk time and days, not hours of standby

7. Stable DC 1000mA AC Power Adaptor

8. 23 key with navigation Key

9. Blue Color Key pad Backlight

10. Support Speaker Phone

11. Both support for UIM & Non-UIM

12. Support CMX 32 Poly Ring Tone

*Hantel and Axesstel are registered trademarks owned by Hantel Company and Axesstel Company respectively.