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New High Performance Mobile C++ Tools at CTIA from Recursion Software

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C-Plus Plus Libraries for Symbian, with iPhone & Android Forthcoming

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) October 7, 2009

(CTIA Wireless Booth #809) Recursion Software, a provider of next-generation software platforms and intelligent middleware, today at the 2009 CTIA WIRELESS I.T. & Entertainment expo announced that it will offer its new C++ Toolkits bundle for Symbian for 99 for a single user license with maintenance through November 13, 2009. C++ Toolkit gives programmers a rich array of libraries, templates, and code samples that make it easier to create robust, high performance apps for communications, data collection, media streaming, gaming, or any programs requiring sophisticated computing and information handling functions, high performance and small program size. The company further announced its plans to make the tools available for use with the Apple iPhone and handsets that use Android, in addition to its currently supported Windows Mobile and major Linux variants.

The C++ Toolkit bundled package comprises five separate toolkits including Communications and Foundations, Standard and Extended Template Libraries (STL/ETL), Math, plus a collection of more than 500 example programs. The Symbian implementation is the latest edition of the Recursion code base that has been compiled more than one million times and has been used for years by enterprises and government agencies around the world for desktop, server, and embedded systems applications.

“The release of the C++ Toolkit for Symbian and other mobile phones further extends Recursion’s leadership in cross-platform, mobile and embedded app development tools,” said Bob DeAnna, CTO, Recursion Software. “Symbian-based handsets from Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, LG, Sharp and others represent a vast and vital market. These new tools will allow our many existing customers to extend their market reach by bringing their desktop, server and embedded applications to the many millions of Symbian device users, and will enable Symbian developers to bring their mobile apps to millions more new customers who use the many other platforms we already support. And with our planned releases for other C++ enabled mobile phones, we will make the promise of ‘write once, run everywhere’ a reality for mobile devices.”

As a bundle, the toolkits in Recursion’s mobile C++ offering provide:

     Many more advanced features than the standard C++ libraries, speeding development
     Consistent implementation across toolkits, reducing the learning curve and coding errors
     Complete source code, enabling optimization of performance, footprint and functionality
     Hundreds of complete program examples, speeding prototyping and promoting correct style

The Communications Toolkit consists of multiple advanced class libraries: Streaming provides for high-performance cross-platform and cross-device object serialization for persistence and object mobility; Network adds object-oriented classes for socket programming and portable interfaces I/O multiplexing; Pipe for named pipes support; File for platform-independent manipulation of files, paths, directories, and record locks; Security for manipulating users/groups; Input/Output adapters and interfaces for sockets, pipes, files, and IO streams; and the Framework library includes the Singleton and Observer design patterns for restricting object instantiation and enabling distributed event handling, respectively. These design patterns can be applied to any class and enable developers to build apps that are more flexible and require less maintenance.

The Foundations Toolkit comprises Helper, Time and Threading class libraries that aid in the development of complex multithreaded applications by reducing the number of functions programmers must write from scratch. The Helper library provides non-intrusive generic extensions to the STL, including regular expressions algorithms, helper functions, and substring support. The Time library provides a set of 64-bit time and date classes for dates up to 32,766 A.D. and model time, date, time period, time zone, stop watch and more. Furthermore, threading enables advanced cross-platform synchronization, including support for semaphores, barriers, monitors and more.

This functionality allows developers to write applications for the target phone device and redirect input and output from their application to other computer systems, i.e. Windows/Linux, making applications debugging and testing mobile apps much easier by allowing the programmer to use the rich array of advanced development tools available on those platforms.

In addition to the robust, high performance fundamental functions found in the Foundations and Communications Toolkits, the Recursion C++ package adds unique programming power through its STL, ETL, and Math Toolkits.

     The STL Toolkit is a high performance version of the Standard Template Library found in most C++ packages for string handling, hashing, iteration, and other basic program functions. The Extended Template Library (ETL) Toolkit is a set of collections uniquely packaged to enhance any Standards Template Library. It contains singly-linked circular list versions of List, Stack, Queue, and Set, plus Heap, Hash Table, Sorted Vector and Dynamic Array, which allows the programmer to write numeric array operations without loops using operator overloading. Together, these toolkits enable Symbian programmers to rapidly develop powerful new applications that have fewer bugs and are easier to modify and maintain. The Math Toolkit enables mobile field engineering, gaming and other computation-intensive applications. It includes support for complex number, numeric vectors, matrices, and arrays, LU factorization, fast Fourier transforms, random number generators, least squares approximation, histograms and more.

To learn more about Recursion Software visit for a free evaluation. To take advantage of the limited time 40% discount on the C++ Toolkit for Symbian, contact Recursion Software Sales at 800-727-8674.

About Recursion Software

Recursion Software provides next-generation platforms and development tools designed for mobile communications and collaboration. The company is regarded for its Voyager platform that provides true peer-to-peer communications, real-time intelligence, and interoperability to a range of mobile, desktop and embedded devices, and multiple languages. Recursion has 47 patents issued and/or pending. The company is a privately held corporation with a worldwide customer base of government and commercial clients.

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