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Elchrom Scientific Introduces GenoMouse Service and Kits for Speed Congenics and Strain Identification

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Cham, Switzerland (PRWEB) July 14, 2005

Elchrom Scientific announced today the introduction of GenoMouse services and kits. Elchrom Scientific has developed the most accurate high throughput, low cost service and kits for mouse speed congenics as well as strain identification. The GenoMouse service and kits can significantly reduce the time and cost to create congenic mouse strains.

“The traditional method to develop a congenic strain has been a time-consuming, endeavour, requiring ten to fifteen generations of backcrosses. The use of Elchrom’s GenoMouse microsatellite analysis reduces the time needed for congenic-strain production from an average of two years, down to ten months for five generations. Our microsatellite marker-assisted strategy utilizes about one hundred polymorphic markers (five markers on each of the nineteen autosomal chromosomes) for optimization of the breeding scheme. By selecting progeny containing the highest percentage of recipient genome for further backcrossing it is possible to reach the aimed background in ten months,” according to Anatoli Tassis, Development Manager at Elchrom Scientific.

Elchrom Scientific’s GenoMouse Service and Kits is currently offered for the following standard mouse strains: B6, DBA/2, 129, FVB, Balb/c and NOD. The company proposes customized co-development of markers from other mice strains at customers request.

Quincy Mattingly, Director of Marketing & Business Development, adds, “Driven by customers’ demands, Elchrom Scientific now offers clients GenoMouse either as a service performed by us or as individual kits performed by the customer. We are capable of providing you the solution for the most accurate cost effective way to analyze for speed congenics and strain identification. It is the combination of GenoMouse service and kits that constitutes the ‘total customer satisfaction package’ upon which Elchrom Scientific prides itself.”

About Elchrom Scientific

Elchrom Scientific is a leading biomolecular separations, analysis and purification solutions provider. Elchrom Scientific was founded in 1998 to further develop and exploit patented inventions made in the domain of high quality DNA, RNA and Protein analysis as well as Oligonucleotide purification systems. Elchrom’s technologies improve operational efficiencies and reduce the Total Cost of Ownership for solutions covering applications in human, animal and plant genetics and proteomics.

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