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HTML Advanced

July 31st, 2010 Computer Eucation No comments

Why use HTML 4.0?
HTML 3.2 Was Very Wrong!

The original HTML was never intended to contain tags for formatting a document. HTML tags were intended to define the content of a document, like this:

This is a paragraph.

This is a heading

When tags like and color attributes were added to the HTML 3.2 specification, it started a nightmare for web developers!

Development and maintaining of web sites where fonts and color information where added to every single HTML element, became a long and expensive process.
What is so Great About HTML 4.0?

In HTML 4.0 all formatting can be removed from the HTML document, and stored in a style sheet.

Because HTML 4.0 separates the layout from the document structure, we have what we always needed: Total control of layout, without messing up the document content.

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