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Canoo Adds Training Courses to its UltraLightClient Product Line

August 27th, 2010 Computer Eucation No comments

Basel, Switzerland (PRWEB) September 6, 2006

Canoo Engineering today announced that it now offers standardized training courses for its Java RIA product, UltraLightClient (

Customers and evaluators may select between six courses at introductory and advanced levels. The goal of this training program is to convey UltraLightClient basics and enable ULC developers to be productive from the start.

A description of each course and a schedule of the next courses is available at the ULC product site ( The courses offered are:

     Introduction to UltraLightClient

     Advanced Topics discussing Look and Feel, Drag and Drop, and Extensions.

     In-depth training on Tables, Trees, TableTrees

     Optimizing ULC Applications

     Developing a ULC Application from End-to-End

     Programming with the ULC Visual Editor

On-site and Customized Courses

All of the ULC courses can also be held on-site at the customer’s company office. In addition, Canoo offers customized courses to suit individual project needs. Please contact Canoo to discuss requirements and availability.

Developing Java RIAs with UltraLightClient

UltraLightClient (ULC) is a Java library that bridges the gap between Swing UI components and a server-side Java EE architecture, enabling the development of Rich Internet Applications that are based entirely on Java.

The lean library delegates everything it possibly can to the Java EE and Java SE infrastructure. It uses Swing on the client, standard communication protocols set by the Java EE container, and standard lifecycle management on the server. In contrast to other more proprietary platforms, UltraLightClient closely follows Java standards and can be easily integrated into existing web platforms.

The principal design of UltraLightClient is based on the half-object and protocol design pattern. Applied to Swing, this pattern is used to offer the Swing API in a server-side programming model, providing rich user interfaces in a web architecture.

UltraLightClient-based applications can be deployed in any Java EE container, as a portlet, or even stand-alone without changing the code. On the client, a standard JRE from 1.3.1 or later is all that is required.

Pricing and Licensing

UltraLightClient is available for purchase at A developer license costs US$ 1499 and includes free runtime distribution on any number of servers. A free evaluation license may be obtained for 30 days.

The costs of the standard training courses are listed in the course description. For on-site or customized courses please contact Canoo for a quote.

About Canoo

Canoo Engineering is a leader in Web front-end application development and delivers Java-based software consulting services and products. It was founded in 1999 by a team of senior executives and software engineers. The company is privately held and is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Besides UltraLightClient, a software library for Swing-based Rich Internet Applications; the Canoo product range includes WMTrans, a software library for language analysis and generation; and Webtest, an open-source, XP-style functional testing tool for Java-based web applications.