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Xenocode Evaluation Products Made Available As Web Applications

August 27th, 2010 Computer Eucation No comments

Seattle, WA (PRWEB) February 18, 2009

Xenocode, the leader in application virtualization and delivery technology, today introduced web-based demonstration versions of its industry-leading application virtualization and developer tools products. The new program, powered by Xenocode WebApp technology, allows users to run evaluation versions of popular Xenocode products directly from the web, with no installation. In addition, bloggers and other web publishers are now able to embed Xenocode products within their own web sites, enhancing the value of their content with relevant product demonstrations.

Xenocode WebApps can be embedded into web sites and blogs by inserting a single line of HTML script into the appropriate page. Available products include Xenocode Virtual Application Studio, Xenocode Virtual Application Studio ISV Edition, and Xenocode Postbuild for .NET. To view the HTML code to embed a WebApp, visit the Xenocode home page at, select the appropriate product, and click the Embed button.

“These new web-based versions of our products allow users to easily experience the benefits of Xenocode products - without the hassle of installation or downloads,” said Kenji Obata, Code Systems founder and chief executive officer. “The ability for publishers to post our applications directly within relevant articles and web sites offers an exciting new service to their readers as well as a potent demonstration of Xenocode technology.”

“Traditional marketing no longer works,” said Dan Kusnetzky, Partner at Kusnetzky Group LLC, an industry research firm, and author of ZDnet’s Virtually Speaking column. “People are tuning out banner ads, print ads and are increasingly difficult to reach. Xenocode’s WebApp technology will serve to make internet-based marketing interesting and fresh. This technology will make it possible to introduce people to new applications without forcing them to purchase it. When they’re satisfied that the software will fit their requirements, it will be much easier present the decision as being simple and risk free.”


Xenocode evaluation web applications are available immediately, free of charge on the Xenocode web site at

Xenocode products are available for purchase via the web and through authorized Xenocode partners. For more information on Xenocode licensing or to download free product evaluations, please visit

Xenocode Application Virtualization Frees Applications from the Operating System.

Xenocode is a powerful virtualization technology that separates applications from the underlying operating system. Unlike traditional hardware virtualization solutions that duplicate an entire host operating system, Xenocode’s lightweight application virtualization technology emulates only core operating system features required for application execution. Xenocode applications require no setup, configuration, clients, or device drivers, are insulated from application and component conflicts, and run seamlessly on locked-down desktops.

Xenocode-virtualized applications can be deployed over the Internet, intranets, USB devices, and existing desktop management infrastructure, including Active Directory, Microsoft SMS, Novell ZENworks, LANDesk Management Suite, and BMC Configuration Management.

The Xenocode Virtual Application Studio authoring environment allows software developers and systems administrators to easily convert existing Windows-based applications into virtualized applications ready for instant deployment using Xenocode.

About Code Systems:

Code Systems develops the Xenocode line of application virtualization and delivery products. Xenocode allows system administrators and software developers to deploy applications in lightweight, pre-configured virtual machines that run instantly on any Windows desktop via the web, Active Directory, USB drives, or existing desktop management infrastructure.

Code Systems was founded in 2002 and consists of a team of veteran Microsoft engineers and academic researchers. Today, its customers include thousands of industry-leading consulting, financial, government, military, and technology companies, and tens of thousands of independent information technology professionals. Code Systems is based in Seattle, Washington.

Xenocode is a registered trademark of Code Systems Corporation in the United States. Other products mentioned may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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