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Baby Supermall Selected as the Preferred Internet Retailer of Crib Bedding

August 22nd, 2010 Computer Eucation No comments

(PRWEB) January 5, 2005

Brandee Danielle, a manufacturer of premium baby bedding, announced their selection of Baby Supermall as the internet retailer it recommends to those interested in purchasing Brandee Danielle baby bedding on the internet. In an unusual move for a crib bedding manufacturer, Brandee Danielle reduced the number of internet retailers that are authorized to sell their merchandise. Baby Supermall was selected as Brandee Danielle’s preferred internet retailer because, unlike any other internet retailer of crib bedding products:

· Brandee Danielle’s crib bedding is made available for immediate delivery;

· Customers do not pay for their merchandise until their order is shipped;

· Orders can be cancelled at any time without penalty;

· Returned merchandise is accepted without penalty; and

· Detailed pictures and fabric samples of the crib bedding collections are made available for those who are unable to see the bedding in person at a store near them.

Brandee Danielle intends to continue its emphasis on marketing its infant bedding primarily through baby specialty stores, where customers can see the merchandise in person and speak with experienced store employees. Not everyone has easy access to such a store, which is why Brandee Danielle also wishes for its crib bedding to be available through the internet; however, they discovered that not all internet retailers are the same. The closely held secret of internet retailers of crib bedding is hidden behind phrases like “special order bedding” and “restocking fees.”

Most internet retailers sell their crib bedding only on a Special Order basis; however, this is special for them, not for their customers. Special Order means they do not have the item in stock and ready for immediate delivery. They only place an order with the manufacturer after receiving customer orders and accepting payment, forcing customers to wait weeks or months for delivery of their merchandise after having paid for it. “Those other sites say they ‘must’ collect from customers in advance;” commented Michael Wolf, President of Brandee Danielle, “but if Baby Supermall doesn’t need to, why do they?”

Many of these retailers also charge restocking fees for returned merchandise. This means that they will not refund the full purchase price if a customer wishes to return it for any reason. These restocking fees can be as high as 50 percent of the purchase price of the merchandise. Many also have order cancellation fees, charging as much as 30 percent of the purchase price if a customer cancels an order before shipment.

These onerous payment, cancellation, and return policies, in combination with the fact that these internet retailers rarely provide detailed pictures of the merchandise or fabric samples, caused Brandee Danielle to conclude that these internet retailers were not putting sufficient effort into marketing to undecided crib bedding shoppers. Said Mr. Wolf: “I felt that their marketing approach was hurting the baby specialty stores, my primary resellers, without attracting undecided shoppers to Brandee Danielle’s merchandise.”

Brandee Danielle has decided to focus their internet marketing plans on Baby Supermall, which is committed to having in-stock merchandise and more reasonable payment and return policies, and makes that extra effort to show Brandee Danielle merchandise to those without easy access to a baby specialty store.

Baby Supermall is an internet retailer of nursery bedding and nursery decor accessories, with over 200 bedding sets to choose from in a wide variety of nursery themes. Baby Supermall also markets other baby products, including: child safety gates, baby cribs, and baby bottles.