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(PRWEB) July 31, 2005

Many people, from college students to senior citizens, are searching for something more than what is taught in traditional religions. They are seeking answers to a great many spiritual questions. For many of those people, the answers are now available.

Spirit Circle ( is a not for profit, international spiritual organization that endorses no single religion, but embraces all positive spiritual paths. Some of Spirit Circle’s goals are to help people of various faiths and cultures gain a better understanding of others. This is primarily done through education. What one person calls God, another calls The Great Spirit and a third may call Allah. We try to show that all are speaking of the same thing.

Spirit Circle’s administration is preparing a three level course on Developing Spirituality. The first level, the basics is ready and work is continuing on Level II. This course is being written in clear, easily understandable English without a lot of confusing metaphysical terms. In the few instances where a metaphysical term is used, its meaning is explained fully and clearly. Topics such as life after death, karma, reincarnation, chakras, unconditional love and much more are covered in detail. Anyone who wishes to get a good, basic knowledge and understanding of spiritual concepts would do well to consider this course. This course is self paced and available to all. It can be found at:

This course is being prepared by Charles Grooms and Joyce Chandler, both of whom have Doctor of Arts degrees in spiritual studies.


Charles Grooms



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