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Apple iPhone Talk with Mobile Search Expert Gregory Markel

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Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) July 8, 2007

Mobile search engine marketing expert Gregory Markel, Founder/President of , discusses the Apple iPhone’s impact on the mobile browser’s experience and mobile search engine marketing in both Investor’s Business Daily and CNN articles and downloadable PRWEB Podcast this week.

“The iPhone browser is among the first true Web browsers,” Markel said. “As a mobile search services provider, we, (Infuse Creative), need to become intimately acquainted with the iPhone browser, search and Web user experience.”

Markel discusses the reasons why the Apple iPhone browser will serve to dramatically upgrade the mobile search engine user and browser experience.

Along with Nokia’s S60 and Opera’s mobile browsers, the iPhone browser takes mobile users into a new era of a more desktop browser like experience, with combined usability of the three browsers including:

Web 2.0 rendering including Ajax., (Though Flash rendering and Java support remains MIA. Adobe is rumored to be providing a version of Flash for the iPhone within 60 days.), Multiple rendering modes, Improved user interfaces, Keyboard shortcuts, Open second window, Memory manager, designed specifically to handle out-of-memory situations on the device; Mouse Pointer, delivering a desktop-like navigation experience, Web address auto-complete, Password manager, Find in page, Frames rendered as tables, Full support for “Text Search” capabilities, Reference UI, a reference implementation of standard browser user-interface features; Full mobility support for dynamic HTML and the scripting language that enables it, Preservation on mobile screens of original designer-intended web page layouts, with text custom-fitted to the mobile display width, Overview mode, Intelligent zoom, Opera Widgets and Greater security.

A helpful site that provides software that will allow users and developers to simulate the iPhone’s mobile browser experience can be found at:

Markel goes on to say, “One simple example of how the mobile search engine marketing experience has been changed by the iPhone can be found by simply loading The user gets the normal, desktop version of rather than the default mobile version of, which is currently the case on my Treo, for example.

However, one obvious shortcoming remains, the inability to render Flash, which is a shortcoming for many sites, our client, New Line Cinema’s being an example. There may be good news on the horizon about this. My sources indicate that Adobe may be releasing a version of Flash for iPhone within the next 60 days.”

Gregory Markel will be speaking publicly about the iPhone and mobile search engine marketing at the Search Engine Strategies conference in San Jose, August 20th, 2007.

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About Gregory Markel and

Gregory Markel, recognized as one of the early “pioneers of search” and his Infuse Creative search engine marketing company, are internationally regarded as one of the premiere tech driven lead generation, ecommerce, branding/awareness and entertainment focused search engine marketing companies in the world with clients that include; Mazda, Pacificare, Secure Horizons, United Health Group, Realty Executives, Natrol, National Geographic Channel, Kazoo Toys, The Venetian Resort, John Robert Powers, Prudential, Universal, CBS, EA Sports, FOX Network, New Line Cinema, Sony, Time Warner, Warner Bros, and many others representing dramatically varying client types. Infuse Creative was a 2006 Los Angeles Business Journal nominee for it’s “Excellence in Business” award along side companies including Mattel, Inc.


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