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Bootstrap Software Partners Introduces PoliteMail?, First Email Marketing Software for Microsoft Outlook?

August 27th, 2010 Computer Eucation No comments

Portsmouth, NH (PRWEB) April 18, 2006

Earlier today, Bootstrap Software Partners LLC announced the release of PoliteMail for Outlook ( PoliteMail is email marketing software that works as a Microsoft Outlook® add-in, making it as easy and convenient to send to a list of thousands as it is to send to one person. PoliteMail is the ideal tool to create and send opt-in email newsletters, direct email marketing announcements, e-marketing campaigns or for anyone who has to manage and send to email lists.

“Why should you be forced to abandon the email application you already know how to use just to send to lists of people?” asked Michael DesRochers, Bootstrap’s CEO. “You shouldn’t, and with PoliteMail, you don’t have to, because PoliteMail adds direct email marketing capabilities to Outlook. Other bulk email marketing software forces users to learn another program and pay monthly fees just to send to email lists. PoliteMail is the first email marketing software out there that turns good ole’ Microsoft Outlook into an email marketing machine.”

PoliteMail adds new email marketing capabilities to Outlook, making it simple to create, mail merge and send promotional and commercial messages, opt-in email newsletters, bulk email promotions, direct email announcements, e-marketing campaigns or any other email communications-and then see the results instantly. PoliteMail provides automatic email tracking and shows you when recipients open, reply to or forward your email, as well as when they click your links or open your attachments. PoliteMail automatically handles undeliverable messages and provides opt-out or “unsubscribe” compliance.

Additional features of the PoliteMail email marketing software include:

Professional-looking HTML templates: PoliteMail makes it simple to create attractive HTML pages with columns, text, colors and graphics for email campaigns and promotions, email newsletters, direct email invitations or bulk email announcements.

Easy-to-use mail merge: Personalize each message to be an individualized one-to-one message-whether you’re sending to 15 or 1500.

Measure email results: Compare results and see which of your email marketing campaigns, promotions, products and offers are driving the most response and conversions.

Automatic list building: PoliteMail automatically collects and organizes the addresses of all the people you communicate with via Outlook. You can also import existing email marketing lists from sources including Excel, QuickBooks, ACT! or other CRM and email marketing software. And PoliteMail’s free opt-in tool makes it easy to collect names from your own web site.

CAN-SPAM compliance: Easily comply with CAN-SPAM legislation with a standardized unsubscribe link and automatic opt-out management. PoliteMail also provides your recipients with a communication preferences page where they manage their subscriptions, update contact info, and designate topics or products of interest.

Keep mailing lists up-to-date: Maintain and share multiple mailing and contact lists throughout your business. Any new contacts, imports, opt-ins, opt-outs or updates become available to your other users in real time.

The PoliteMail email marketing software for Outlook is available in two editions: Standard and Pro. Standard is available with no contracts and no monthly fees, with pricing at just a penny (1¢) per tracked message. The Pro software is available for a one-year term license of 5 which includes 120,000 tracked messages and free software upgrades. Additional message capacity is available for an additional fee. QuickStart professional services options, as well as support contracts, are also available. For more information on the PoliteMail email marketing software, please visit

About PoliteMail

PoliteMail is the creation of Portsmouth, New Hampshire-based Bootstrap Software Partners LLC. Bootstrap is an East coast software startup building products for sales and marketing executives to take charge of their business relationships from inside the program they already know how to use-Microsoft Outlook. PoliteMail, email marketing software that lets users automatically track and manage mailing lists, email marketing campaigns and email newsletters in Outlook, is the company’s first product; Salestream is a soon-to-be-released simplified CRM product for Outlook. The company was founded in 2003. For more information visit