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How to Use a Hypertext Link

March 5th, 2010 Computer Eucation No comments

Using a hypertext link to move from one place to another is one of the most common activities on the World Wide Web. In fact, hypertext links are the very essence of the Web. This lesson explains how to use a link and describes a little of what happens behind the scenes.

Tip Sheet

  • Most Web browsers allow you to change the style and appearance of hypertext links. Look under the Options
  • menu in your browser.
  • You can create a link to any object on the Web. Links can point directly to images or files as well as to different
  • HTML documents.
  • To find a link on the page, look for text that’s displayed in a different color. By default, hypertext links you haven’t
  • used are blue. Links you’ve already visited are purple. These colors can be changed, however.
  • Using your mouse, place the pointer over the hypertext link and click. There will be a brief delay after you press
  • on the hypertext link.
  • During this delay, your browser client is contacting the Web server referenced in the hypertext link’s URL. It is
  • attempting to retrieve the referenced document.
  • Once the contact has been established, your browser begins displaying the new document.
  • Not all links appear as text. Many links appear in images, such as buttons or icons. Sometimes a colored border
  • will appear around the image, or it will be designed to look like a button. In many browsers, the cursor will change
  • to a hand when it passes over a hypertext link. These visual clues help the reader understand that it is a link.
  • However, sometimes there are no visual clues. Understanding the need to provide visual clues is an important part
  • of being an HTML author.