Bombaxtic Announcement Advances Apple iPad Server Market

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Ashland, OR (PRWEB) January 27, 2010

Bombaxtic, developers of the Apple OS X web application platform Bombax, also announced the much anticipated public release of their high performance server and web framework today. Bombax, which uses Apple’s popular Cocoa and Objective-C environment for writing server-side web applications, allows developers to use the full range of OS X technologies with a wide range of web-related enhancements such as HTML templating, session management, and sophisticated access to Oracle, PostgreSQL and MySQL databases.

Developers using Bombax have access to thousands of existing libraries using the programming languages Objective-C, C or C++ and can take advantage of unique OS X features such as QuickTime, Quartz and Core Data. Xcode integration allows developers to easily write and debug their web applications using Apple’s full suite of programming tools. The resulting web applications are easy for administrators to install and configure, including customizable graphical interfaces and automatic packaging of resources such as images.

Bombaxtic CEO, Adrian Stewart, says, “Bombax has been written with a real understanding of Apple software development aesthetics and fits naturally with what current iPhone and OS X developers expect. We have focused exclusively on Mac OS X as the server and we are able to really take web applications to the next level. It’s like taking that famous Apple experience straight into the world of web application development.”

“The Bombax platform provides a consistent experience both for developers and administrators,” adds Dominic Blais, COO. “Developers can be totally confident that the server supports advanced functionality. For example, all Bombax servers already include all the database drivers preinstalled and ready to use. And, installing a Bombax web application is as easy as drag and drop. Especially with our mobile device library, we predict this will be the year of OS X Bombax servers both for handheld applications and web browsers.”

Bombaxtic also revealed today that they will be giving away a 64GB Apple iPad in their Bombax web application contest. The contest, which ends March 15th, is open to developers who are writing applications for the Bombax platform. More information about the contest and Bombax can be found at

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The Bombaxtic mission is to make web development on Mac OS X the most productive and enjoyable experience by building tools that fully utilize Apple technologies.