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Cambridge, U.K (PRWEB) August 4, 2004

Soft Idiom Limited is pleased to announce the release of WEBSmith Version 2.0, the latest version of the much praised interactive, data-driven website development and deployment package.

WEBSmith works by allowing users to drop functional components onto existing or new html pages. No programming or coding is involved in implementing a dynamic, interactive, data-driven website, everything is achieved via a drag Â?nÂ? drop interface.

Priced at 4.95, WEBSmith Version 2.0 adds many new components as well as website creation and publish wizards and the ability to create new pages, page content and accompanying menu items online using a browser.

With WEBSmith site owners can present content when it is needed, to the groups or individuals who need to see it, enabling targeted communication and interaction with customers, prospects and staff.

All of this they can do without the need for programming and, should they wish, utilizing the designs of their existing sites as templates onto which WEBSmithÂ?s unique functional components can be dropped prior to deployment.

With over 350 standard functional components to choose from, together with the ability to create custom components, WEBSmith users can quickly implement a number of key interactive features on their website, including: eCommerce, content management, news management, product display, resource booking, event display, mailing list creation and management and visitor management.

Version 2.0 sees the introduction of a number of new WEBSmith capabilities, improving the usability and scope of the product:

Website creation wizard

To the traditional drag and drop interface of WEBSmith Version 1, Version 2.0 adds a website creation wizard. An easy to follow series of questions allows the site creator to define the functionality of the site they wish to create and the design of that site (by choosing one of WEBSmithÂ?s own HTML templates or pointing the wizard at one of their own).

WEBSmith will then generate the site, including all of the necessary pages and the components on those pages needed to enable the userÂ?s functionality preferences. If necessary each page in the site can be opened and modified by the user prior to deployment and additional pages added using the traditional interface or an additional Â?page creationÂ? wizard.

Data driven pages

WEBSmith version 2.0 introduces a new concept of data-driven or Â?infoÂ? pages. The combination of a Dynamic HTML Menu component which sends requests to the data store and Â?Site ContentÂ? components which accept content display instructions from the data store means that administrators and managers of WEBSmith created sites can create and manage online new website pages and their accompanying menu items.

New Components

The new Â?site contentÂ? components, content for which can be created, edited and deleted online, cover such areas as news and content management, events, hyperlinks and menus. WEBSmith 2.0 includes the ability to create new site content types tailored to the specific requirements of the individual user. The layout used by site content components when displaying data can also be changed and managed online by creating and adjusting component Â?formatsÂ?.

Component Manager

Component properties and behavior can be adjusted using the new component property manager, a simple tabbed interface that breaks properties down into functional areas.

Publishing and Backup Wizards

The new publishing wizard makes deployment of sites even easier. WEBSmith automatically gathers all of the resources needed for deployment (including pages, templates, graphics, components and local pages referenced by dynamic pages and which form part of a Â?mixedÂ? site consisting of static and dynamic pages) and guides the user through the deployment process.

Backup and restore wizards enable site creators to backup local and published site resources and data as well as synchronize the two.

System Requirements

Desktop PC: Windows 98, 2000, XP (Home or Professional), 850Mhz Pentium II processor or above, 256MB RAM and 50MB free hard disk space.

Site Host Requirements (ISP): A web server with permissions that allow you to run custom CGI scripts, Perl Version 5.4 or above, a minimum of 20MB of disk space per website.

Pricing & Availability

WEBSmith Version 2.0 retails for 4.95 and I available from the Soft Idiom site ( and additional retailers listed at that site. Support packages are available from Soft Idiom or from Soft Idiom partners.

About Soft Idiom

Backed by Cambridge-based healthcare software supplier, Protechnic Exeter, Soft Idiom Limited was formed under the direction of Managing Director Chris Copleston. Chris was previously founder and MD of KeySoft Limited, formed to develop an object-oriented application development toolset with the aim seeking a buy-out from a company looking for a jump-start into object-oriented technology. That aim was achieved when KeySoft was sold to McDonnell Douglas Information Systems (now Northgate Information Solutions Plc). The remaining members of the Soft Idiom team all worked with Chris at Northgate.

WEBSmith Version 1.0 quotes

Â?You won’t find a more intuitive and workable product - it’s a steal for the money.”

PC Pro

Â?” excellent way of converting your site, regardless of whether you’re starting down the business road, or simply adding to your personal page.”

PC Plus

Â?Boot up WEBSmith and you’ll be left feeling you can achieve startling results.”

Practical Internet

“…the most cost-effective way of upgrading your site without paying for a full redesign.”

Official Microsoft Windows XP Magazine

Â?An excellent package that brings your Web site to life.Â?

Windows XP Essentials

Â?A great complement to your web authoring arsenalÂ?

PC Plus Web Authoring Lab Test.

More Information

Chris Dolan

+34 91 776 6956

No Limit Software Â? Â?With us there are No Limits to your software successÂ?

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