Family Education

A Family Education Plan is a framework to achieve successful life-long learning, the outcome of which will strengthen and enrich the overall well-being of the family. 

This program is intended to be a hands-on support to assist parents as they pursue a continuum of learning, develop parental leadership, and fulfill their important responsibility as their child’s first teacher and educational advocate.

The Family Education Plan is rooted in the belief that:

  • Knowledge is a vital and valuable element to the quality life
  • All families have strengths
  • All children can learn
  • All parents want their children to be successful
  • All families have advantages and disadvantages
  • People have the power to change themselves
  • Parent involvement is the key to family and student success

The most adequate predictor of student success in school is not family income or social status but the extent to which a student’s family is involved. 

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