MyEclipse 7.0: The Best Blend for JavaScript and REST Web Services

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Flower Mound, TX (PRWEB) December 10, 2008

Genuitec, LLC, the leading provider of the popular MyEclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and a founding and strategic member of the Eclipse Foundation, announced today the production release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.0. The new release, built upon Eclipse 3.4.1/Ganymede, delivers the most comprehensive environment for Ajax and Web Services in the Eclipse space.

“With extensive tooling for JavaScript development tooling as well as new, unmatched support fore REST Web Services, MyEclipse is emerging as the Eclipse ecosystem’s leader for agile Web 2.0 development,” said Wayne Parrott, vice president of product development for Genuitec. “As the volume of Web-interfaced programs increases, the ability for Eclipse developers to negotiate their projects efficiently and intuitively is becoming increasingly important.”

Additionally, MyEclipse 7.0 is delivered on top of the Pulse Eclipse Management Platform. This platform allows users to efficiently customize and maintain their MyEclipse environments both at the individual and corporate level.

MyEclipse users will also note enhanced support and delivery of Maven. As an enhancement of the Maven4MyEclipse tooling found in 6.5, users can now choose between using Maven in its raw format or the fully-integrated Maven4MyEclipse solution. This allows more full customization of Maven tool capabilities dictated by user needs.

The 7.0 release includes new support for or upgraded additions to:

-Advanced JavaScript tooling

-New Plugin Dashboard

-REST Web Services wizards and explorer

-OpenJPA support for MyEclipse Persistence tools

-MyEclipse Reports enhancements

-UML1, UML2 upgrades

-New JSF views and enhancements

-MyEclipse ICEfaces tooling

-much more!

“The sheer breadth of options available to MyEclipse users with this release is truly daunting,” said Pete Carapetyan, product manager for Genuitec. “7.0 is a great blend of filling in some customer-requested feature gaps and polishing the already rich set of tools. I think our users will be very pleased with the advances.”

New users can try MyEclipse 7.0 for a free 30-day trial, and as always, current subscribers can utilize the update at no charge. MyEclipse Standard and Professional Editions are and per year, respectively. They are available at

For Pulse users, MyEclipse 7.0 will be available in the “Popular Profiles” area for immediate download and utilization alongside your current tool profiles.

About MyEclipse

Developers worldwide choose MyEclipse because it is the most affordable and comprehensive J2EE IDE and Web development tool suite for the Eclipse open-source platform. MyEclipse is the Eclipse plugin-based solution for all your UML, Ajax, Web, Web Services, J2EE, JSP, XML, Struts, JSF, Java Persistence, EJB, extended database support and application server integration needs.

About Genuitec

Genuitec, LLC, is an Eclipse-based company offering innovative Java and J2EE development tools and software lifecycle management solutions. An original sponsor of Eclipse Plug-in Central, Genuitec joined the Eclipse Foundation early in 2003 and currently serves as strategic member and has an employee serving as an elected member of the board of directors, actively participating in the strategy development and direction of the organization. Genuitec LLC was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Flower Mound, Texas.

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