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IXICO Launches Trial Wire, a Free, Web-based Tool for De-identifying, Organizing, and Moving Medical Image Data

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(PRWEB) April 18, 2009

Today, at the ISMRM conference in Hawaii, IXICO has released a free medical image management tool, Trial Wire. Trial Wire is a web-based tool for de-identifying, organizing, and electronically transferring medical images in the global standard DICOM format. Developed by IXICO’s team of in-house medical imaging experts to maximize speed and efficiency of image data management, Trial Wire’s unique technology is already being used for handling image data collected at many dozens of sites around the world. IXICO is now making Trial Wire available to anyone interested in medical image data management, whether they are involved in imaging-based clinical trials, research, or simply need a tool for efficient image data management.

Trial Wire 2.0 beta allows users to easily de-identify image data to help maintain compliance with global patient privacy regulations, including HIPPA and the EU Directive on the Protection of Personal Data. The tool also allows users to organize image data into DICOM hierarchical structures and then transfer the data securely over the internet.

As a bonus feature, Trial Wire provides a complete audit trail (a record of everything done to the data and by whom it was done), which can be saved electronically or printed and filed. Whether users need to sort through and organize archived image data or securely transfer de-identified data to a CRO or clinical trial sponsor (or simply from a hospital to an adjacent research lab), Trial Wire can be accessed from any web-enabled computer.

“Medical imaging is very widely used for clinical trials and research”, said Derek Hill, CEO of IXICO. “However, it is currently a huge amount of effort to handle this data in a way that preserves patient privacy and organizes the data in a way that is easy to use. We wanted to offer a product that addresses the most basic issues of image data management, and make it freely available”, said Derek Hill, CEO of IXICO. “By providing de-identification, organization, and transfer in an easy-to-use web-based tool, we believe we can help the entire imaging research community improve its efficiency while ensuring that patient privacy is protected. We believe that the best way to make a positive impact on these issues is to foster the widespread adoption of a single, easy-to-use, web-based tool. No one should have to pay for image data transfer any more than they should have to pay to send an email or other file over the internet. In addition to the secure transfer function, we felt that it was important for users to also be able to organize and de-identify the data through the same tool. Our hope is that with the adoption of Trial Wire throughout the medical imaging world, we’ll help our colleagues around the globe solve the most basic set of problems facing us today while also leading the way to greater innovation in other, more complex areas.”

The easy-to-use interface is based on a series of pull-down menus and user prompts, which can be customized to user-specific, or trial-specific requirements. Trial Wire is now available online with the following features enabled:

1. Quick and simple setup - Using a simple web-based Java applet, Trial Wire requires no installation or hardware set-up and no dedicated computer. Simply register online for free, and within minutes you can begin to enjoy the benefits.

2 Easy de-identification - Set up the parameters for your trial and save your settings. De-identify standard tags and additionally ask Trial Wire to search for other potentially identifiable tags to alert you to.

3. Logical sort and structure - Read DICOM files from any directory and sort into Subject, Study, Series hierarchy. Output this new structure locally or transfer elsewhere.

4. Secure DICOM transfer with audit trail - Configure Trial Wire to transfer data to your secure FTP server after de-identification and organization. Print off the audit trail report for inclusion in the study folder.

The IXICO team will be demonstrating Trial Wire at ISMRM in Honolulu. Visit them at booth 322 to register for Trial Wire and receive a free gift. Or register for your free Trial Wire account today!

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