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(PRWEB) March 2, 2005

Top International Psychic, Rhiannon Waits, has recently been added to the columnist position at the staff at AtlantaÂ?s Top Metaphysical publication. Close sources to Rhiannons home office say the column she is writing is parts of her soon to be released book Â?Little Lessons on Love and Life.

Rhiannon Waits predictions keep the world attention is her accuracy keeps hitting home time after time. Her appearances in Atlanta keep the staff at The Inner Space answering the phone and booking appointments. People have actually come by bus from different states to have a reading with Rhiannon at The Inner Space. One mother came for an appointment after her son in the Dominican Republic called her and informed her that Rhiannon would be within driving distance to her.

Rhiannon is scheduled to appear in Albany, Georgia March 12th and 13th. She will be presenting Mr. Jim Foret, authoritarian on the Ancient Crystal Skulls, on the 19th to the metaphysical community in Atlanta. In addition, Ms. Waits will doing readings for those that schedule with The Inner Space.

Those who are in the know have stated that Rhiannon and Mel Minitor of Lightstream productions have once again joined forces. Her website has listed Mr. Minitor as a contact to schedule shows and appearances. To talk with Mel about Rhiannon has always gotten positive reviews. He has never been shy about telling others of her amazing accuracies. Mel Minitor was agent for Dannion Brinkley for many years and helped his promotion to the top. Mr. Minitor has high standards and will not promote anyone he does not feel his far beyond normal in their field.

Laura Frends, former spokesperson and friend of Rhiannon Waits is working on several appearances in Los Angles, California. Laura has been an ardent supporter of Rhiannon since September 2005. She met Rhiannon on Okaloosa Island, Florida as Rhiannon was warning people of Hurricane Ivan. Rhiannon had been forewarning residents for one year before it made landfall. She predicted Ivan and the other hurricanes within a 15-mile target and within a 1-week date.

Those that attended the video taped show of her predictions for 2005 can attest that within a two-month period, her predictions once again are being fulfilled. From the Avian flu pandemic, Prince HarryÂ?s bout with mischief to the pope serious illness- all were made and video taped in public.

Many were aghast when Rhiannon predicted a huge wave in the winter of 2005. Some scoffed and others passed it off when she could not say exactly where it would be. However, December the 26th people once again had to turn to whom many refer to as an Â?Ancient OracleÂ?, as the news of the horrible tsunami made headlines. Charles Broadwater was one individual Rhiannon had told about the Â?huge waveÂ? beforehand. He and the others who were present at the prediction were astounded. Charles is the owner of Â?Blue Mountain IncÂ? out of Suwannee Georgia. He is has a keen business sense and not one easy to sway with predictions. He now has a complete faith in Rhiannons predictions. He follows and documents her accuracy rate as a past time.

Although it cannot be confirmed, gossip has it that famous skilled artist, Lisa Iris, will be designing the cover of RhiannonÂ?s new book. LisaÂ?s paintings are in many galleries and stores. She designed book covers for many authors, including but not limited to Silver Raven Wolf and Doreen Virtue. Rhiannon and Lisa have a huge admiration for each otherÂ?s work.

RhiannonÂ?s love life was once the midst of gossip. Several had stated that former lover Steve Granger and her had married. Now, as we look beyond her astonishing abilities, we find Rhiannon has been seen with a well-known icon. We can only presume where this might lead as the eligible Southern Belle tries to keep a lid on her personal life.

RhiannonÂ?s website www.rhiannonwaits.com usually attempts to keep up with her appearances although at times I have found it less than up to date.


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